so want to blog

Father may these words bring Glory to Your Holy Name.
Father You gave me such a wonderful weekend. i want to share all that i saw, felt, and experienced. i am not sure if i should, or when.
i just learned that it is written “to increase in wisdom is to increase in sorrow”. May be that is the “meaningless thing” Solomon’s son is talking about, later on in the chapter. Doesn’t matter if i blog or not, all meaningless.
Yet i feel i should share the one encounter i had. i have to learn to move with the Spirit. Let the Spirit tell me when, where, how, what. i am learning that God knows best. i reread some of my posts and see how God can minister to people, as well as to me, Again and again.
i know that if i go ahead and just write what i want, it may minister to people but with God in the mix it will Bear Fruit of Him.
i am praying that while i feel i should be doing something other than sitting here typing, that God will use it none the less.
We just got back from our first cruise. 3 days to Bahamas. i had no expectations. We all experienced something different.
Mom said she did all she wanted to do. i am sure she enjoyed time with hubby. Father Bless him. He truly took care of mom and gave me time to breathe. Hubby had good time with all the food, swimming and people watching. Me i had to repent BIG time for at first i was miserable. Father forgive me. i know He did, for He answered my prayers like crazy.
Hence why i want to blog so bad.
First it rained. i prayed for it to be His word. In the end we shared a lot of it. i prayed ship would have no problems. For our cruise line had problems of breakdown in past. Now i see why these things can happen when people are drinking all day. We reap what we sow, saith the Lord. Not a judgment just a fact. Ever been around completely intoxicated people? Multiply that by hundreds on a boat at sea. Not a city wastewater treatment plant.
i prayed that everyone would have a good time. i prayed for time with God, For Him to use me, For others to see Him.
i got hugs from people i just meet that felt like life long friends. i meet someone i feel i won’t soon forget Dora. She touched my heart so deeply that when God answered my prayer to see her again, i cried as soon as i saw her. Father Bless her with the Peace that transcends human understanding, Thank You. Also Bless Katania. How she so wants her grandson’s heart prepared for Your Blessing. A servant and mothers heart i saw in her. Father i ask that You give Wisdom to that boy who said he prays to allah. Show those women that their value is in You, God. Teach us to Always seek You.
Father that girl You used me to speak to. May she be a Mighty Warrior for Your Kingdom. Jesus keep showing up for Her, don’t let her settle for less than You, Jesus.
This leads me to what i wanted to blog about.(about to blog about girl) Thank You Father may this be Your will. Stop me if it isn’t.
May all who read know the Love of our Lord.


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