God’s plans

Today was one of the weirdest days of my life. i had things that needed done and by a certain time. i got up at what i now consider late, 9am. i putts and putts around. Asking God to motivate me. i got somethings done around the house and i’m off to do errands.
i put stuff in one car only to decide to take truck instead. At first turn it doesn’t start.
i try again this time with foot on gas. It starts and i make a wrong turn, than another. Till i say something is way wrong. i know how to get to where i am going why do i keep making wrong turns. i back up into a car parts store down the street from me. i sit there and pray to God, asking are You trying to get me to see i can’t go nowhere without You? i ask Him for intellect to get me to location. Then this feeling of fear overtook me. i start to pray, and ask that i not have the Fear of the Lord over take me. It’s happened before and scars me. LEADS ME TO GOD REAL QUICK. i feel God showing me that the fear others have, that i tell them not to have. Is no different than the fear i face sometimes. i sense God telling me Fear NOTHING BUT ME. (ONLY I HAVE THE POWER TO TAKE LIFE AND SPIRIT) i sense that i am to get out the truck and head towards my house. i see a man walking and think maybe You want me to talk to Him? i fall behind the guy and start to pray out loud the “Our Father” Jesus taught us to pray.
As i am walking i see a dead squirrel. i won’t tell you that story.
i then realize that i did not pray before i left driveway, nor did i seek God’s guidance with meeting the woman i was off to see. i then covered our meeting in prayer, and my travels, plus time now with God…… i then get back in truck and begin to write, what i thought would be my next post. (turns out this is it). i go to start the truck and it won’t start. i say God You’re Awesome, is this why you didn’t want me to drive home, just go for walk? i’m conveniently at a car parts shop.
i go in and i wait in line. Praying for people in store, and Rejoicing in the Lord’s presence.
A guy name Ezechiel asks if he can help me. (pronounced Ezekiel like the bible) i ask him if he can check my battery, i just died in parking lot. How good is God, it was in your parking lot. i told him i now have to read Ezekiel because, i am not familiar with the book. God has me in David’s Psalms the heart cries of David. He checks my battery and it is ok, alternator is bad though. He then jump starts my truck so i can go to repair shop across from my house. i ask him if he needs anything? He says no. i offer the best of gifts to him, i pray God’s Revelation of God’s love for him.
i then take truck to shop and share parts of this crazy story. Realizing that if i had not made wrong turns, i would be at the other end of town and have no way back. Should the truck have stalled there. Then i tell them “God is showing me how much i trust His Provision”. For truck repairs are piling up. i drop off keys and head home.
i grab the other car. Then i head back out to pick up tanks for mom. (Thank You Father, never Thanked You for that Provision today, having another car).
Just brought to my attention…When i got to the place i need to go there was a wait. i would of had to wait longer if i arrived early. God is Good!
The woman i meet, who i had been talking on the phone with for some time now, regarding moms tanks. Well she is from my home state, we had been wanting to meet face to face for some time. She was so lovely. Truly showed the Father heart of God. God is Good. What encouragement we find. Hugs and Blessings, could meeting a stranger always be that wonderful?
God is saying “Yes. That is Heaven on earth, My Will done, how we are to greet all.” Isn’t hearing from God Awesome.
i tell her my side tracked in parking lot story and she loves it. Wants to share with hubby. How perfect God’s provision of location of stalling.
Well now i’m home. It’s hours later, and i can’t find the paint brush. (hence this post). i looked everywhere. i have only been painting one room, where can it be God? So i resorted to stop looking for it. If there is one thing i learned today. It is if God doesn’t want you to do or go somewhere He will stop you from completing the task you’re doing. If you listen He will tell you what to do next.
Father may i be so willing to be on Your schedule. To bend with you. To not resist where you Lead. To not be so bent on what i want to do , but rather be bent on Your Plan for the day. Thank You for showing me Over and Over how Resting in You, gets so much more done than me going a mile a minute. Be Glorified Father.


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