Our enemies will fall behind

There is scripture that says ” 5 will attack 100, and 100 will attack 10,000″ Something to that effect.

i am getting our house ready for sale. Painting, cleaning, you know the drill. satan is trying to get me to look at all the extra work i have to do. God on the other hand has different plans. i am Blessed to know these plans.

Here they are.
God wants to spend time with me. He wants to teach me His ways. While i am getting house ready, i am listening to Bible and learning to work unto the Lord. As satan is trying to get me to see all that is in front of me. God says I will be Glorified the more you have to do. Why? Because than i can’t take the credit. See if the work looks manageable then either i or someone else may give me the credit. If it looks like there is no way one person can do it all then Clearly it is God who has to get the credit. For as i work i ask Him for strength to move things, energy to do any of it.

Maybe this was just for me. For i too can get bitter and look at others instead of me. But God’s plan is to show me how to take every thought captive to Christ. Rejoice that God gets the Glory, For He will never leave you, and will strengthen you for all things, if you ask. God is also using me to show love. For if what my flesh is thinking is happening than God gets even more Glory because i respond in love to it.
Father be Glorified. i feel this was just for me and Pray that Your Glory will shine through these words. The negative thoughts, the bondage of bitterness, the bondage of hatred, the bondage of selfishness, the bondage of un-forgiveness, these are the 10,000 we can over take with God on our side.


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