YOU Gotta Give the Body What It Needs

Forerunner Perspective

what a body needsIn the 80s, I was in college and playing basketball.  During that time Gatorade made a big splash on the sports scene with their marketing campaign that encouraged, “Give your body what it’s thirsty for…Gatorade!”

I can remember watching those commercials with their images of professional athletes with muscular, athletic bodies engaged in vigorous sporting events with beads of sweat flying in every direction. When you would hear those words at the end of the commercial, you would really believe that Gatorade is exactly what your body is thirsty for!

Well, the marketing campaign worked pretty well.  Despite the brand being sold a couple of times to different companies, Gatorade has always and continues to hold the top spot in the sports beverage market.  Now, not only are athletes drinking it in all major sports but you also see coaches getting doused with it after winning a big game.

Despite the…

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