Resting on the Lord

i have been one of those people who had no clue what resting in the Lord looks and feels like. With God things are opposite of what them seem. Resting in God does not mean resting like we think. We think rest is, a recliner, beer, t.v. cigs, a good movie, a beach, a day off of work….
Rest in God doesn’t mean you don’t work and sit around. Rest in God is not worrying, about outcome, others liking us, wondering if we are doing enough, or if we are doing it the right way. It is trusting that God is in charge and if we look at Him whatever work is in front of us won’t seem so heavy a burden for us.
i’ll refer to heavy lifting. When i am with God talking, rejoicing…. and i have to do heavy lifting, sweat producing labor. i don’t get tired and frustrated in the heat like i use to. i don’t see work as a cumbersome task anymore. i see what God wants to show me in the task at hand. Seems to fall into two categories with me. How to serve and Love others, or my pride. Service to others is pretty self explanatory. Pride is altogether different. Pride in look what i am doing. i do it all. Look at them. Pride in i can’t lift this i need help. Which always leads me to God. i can’t without You Lord work unto You, seek You, lift this, clean this………
i don’t know about you, but for me i use to take Pride in what i could do, and how much i knew. i would brag how i did this i did that. Just ask anyone who knew me up to about a year ago maybe sooner. Father forgive me. i took that which was a gift and made it about me and myself. Thank You for showing me that with You i can do all things. That You God enable me to think and lift. Thank You for Loving me in spit of my actions. Before i was born You knew me and called me by name anyway. Your Love Amazes me.
My friend she shows me Father Hearts love for me. how? Because she has seen my worst, i mean worst and she is still my friend after 26 yrs. To show God how much i love Him i want to speak only life to my friend. Build her up, let her know how loved she is not only by me but more so by the Father. Let her know that God is using her in a mighty way to show me Love.
This is resting in the Lord. Because my friend and i are so alike. We can drive each other crazy. We weren’t friends for 8 years because we drove each other nuts… She is answered prayer of restoration for our friendship. If i seek only to show her love then the things she does that use to bother me, i don’t notice other to than ask God if He wants to speak to it. Most times He tells me no. To show how good a friend she is, i don’t usually listen and she gets stuck with my opinion and loves me anyway. God is growing me up in this i do see. Forgive me first for not obeying and second for thinking i know how to fix everything.
Spouses are good for showing you Father heart of God and your own heart. Whole other post.
Point is when you are talking and communing with God no matter what your doing it isn’t over whelming. It comes nature. For His burden is easy and His yoke light.
Father may Your word come down like rain.


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