Answered Prayer requests

Father Bless an Anoint this post. Be Glorified by these words.
i am at my mother’s apartment. i see Jesus at work. He is telling me this is how God is manifested. i have been taught lately that God will physically manifest Himself to people. So as Christ followers who wouldn’t want to see that. Or see someone raised from the dead, etc.
So as God has me doing things on a Sunday. He is teaching me the meaning about why it was ok to heal on the sabbath. showing me that i am manifesting God, in the work i am doing. He is showing me the Blessing in spending time with mom. Showing me Mary’s heart, and showing me judgments i make. He is showing me that He is answering a prayer i prayed in 2010. The prayer of Jabez.
He then goes on to show me that fear of the Lord is the beginning of all wisdom. Wisdom comes from God. So if you want wisdom you have to first fear God. i prayed for both. God showed me how i prayed for the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord. How He granted that desire of my heart. Which by the way came from Him.
Commentary, we could not handle all of God’s love at one time, or all the Fear of the Lord. It is written God put His hand in front of Moses, and only showed the back of His Goodness. We couldn’t handle it. Same with Fear. God tells us not to fear over 365 x’s. That He is our protector, the Creator of all things. Yet we are to Fear Him. It’s not the fear that we know. The fear we know includes death. Like being shot, stranded on island, being Homeless, Not enough to provide…….
The Fear of the Lord is His Fear. The never wanting to be away from Him! It is exalting Fear. Reverence for His Holiness. He comforts you in your Fear of Him. He does this by Revealing Jesus to us. Jesus then shows you the precious Gift the Holy Spirit is. That is how we can even communicate with God. Spirit to Spirit.
That’s the good stuff. You don’t get to learn that only by experiencing the Fear of the Lord. It’s a by product i like to call it. Forgive me Father, God is telling me i am putting Him in a box and saying How He shows up.
On to the actual Fear of the Lord. It’s not fun feeling it, living it. i see very little people asking God for it. Why don’t we Fear our Creator? Why do we take His love so lightly? Father Forgive me. i have experienced the Fear and it scared the you know what out of me. i actually desire to always know that Fear in my heart. There is where He will welcome me.
As i was on the porch today my mom gave me something to read. It was a letter from God to us, using only Scripture.
i wepted at the promises He gives and keeps. See i am not Fearing a God that will hurt me, i am fearing, not being with a God who LOVES ME.
Out of that Fear i show Gratitude for how much He loves me. i pray i do. That i think is where obedience lies. His word says He Blesses us into Repentance. The suffering lies in seeing things from God’s eyes. How sin kills, But God brings Life everlasting.
He Manifests that through His people. The work of our hands should be unto the Lord.
i feel the post i wanted to write about, coming on. so i’ll end with prayer.
Father pour out Your Revelation of Fear of the Lord. Make us to rejoice in the breaking of ourselves. So that You may shine outwardly through us.


2 thoughts on “Answered Prayer requests

    • Blessings of God’s Peace. why does the word power in you comment have a picture and caption to it?
      Please come over. i think sometime mid to late June we are doing BBQ with Noelle, Deanne and Jules. i will call you with details. We are the ones that love you. we do not judge or condemn you. so to me those are the people i want to spend time with. Hope that came out right. you know me. something’s may never change.
      Isaiah 55 10-11 me

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