The Cost of doing unto the Lord

i had an awesome day. But i can’t tell you about it. Why? Because God is teaching me to work unto Him. What He sees in private He will reward in private.
My flesh wants to scream from the mountain tops all that i saw/did today.

God started this lesson with my husband. God said “Are you seeking his approval or Mine? If he doesn’t acknowledge what you do, is it enough that you did unto Me?………which is leading me to work unto the Lord in all things. Thank You Father.

As i said the flesh wants to proclaim what God did through me today.
God says “no. not time yet. You are looking for mans approval still, not seeing that all was done for My Purpose and My Purpose Alone. It was unto me —– that you experienced these things. I was blessing you, Encouraging you. Teaching you to Trust My Ways, You are learning When and When Not to Share……..Remember you asked Me, to teach you that? Remember you asked, to learn Humility? When No fingers are pointing to you, and no one knows what I did through you, are you still willing to do as I ask”?

So there it is. The cost of doing unto the Lord.
Father may i do all things unto you. Never seeking any credit/acknowledgement. Only that You God Alone be Glorified.
May i never bring shame to Your Holy Name.


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