God’s Day

Let me start with my mind is racing with so much Good news. i need to start off with this.
Father Forgive my sins, Teach me Your ways, make me willing to Obey You. Be Glorified through these words i type (You type)

If you walked past our house 10 mins ago you would have seen me pulling weeds, possible heard me audibly talking with God.

While i was down pulling weeds i thought. If i told my roommate i pulled weeds today he would see the evidence of that in the yard. If i told my roommate God did it. He wouldn’t believe that God Himself came down to earth to weed our yard.
Yet here i am trying to tell you that God did come down to earth in Spirit Form and weed our garden.

Why do we believe man infinite man does anything? Man found cure, man went to moon…. yet if we give God ALL THE CREDIT we aren’t believed.
it is written God wants our thanksgiving. Isn’t it God that gives us breathe to breathe, Minds to create, Hands to build.
So yes is what i say. God did weed our garden, IT IS WRITTEN WE ARE TO BE HIS HANDS AND FEET.

We Christians will give God (HOLY SPIRIT) the credit for when we do missionary work , give a prophetic word…why aren’t more of us giving GOD ALL THE CREDIT?

Father, forgive me for all the millions upon millions of times i took the credit. Father show me Your Wonder. That it is You God Alone that does All things, Creates All Things. Lead me JESUS on to the path of Obedience. Jesus STRENGTHEN me.
It is written JESUS LEARNED OBEDIENCE THROUGH HIS SUFFERING. Father may i run the Good race preserving to the end and seek to win for Your Glory ALONE


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