What shall i do Lord

Today has been funny. i have felt like i am doing nothing. Then i decide to just except it will be a lazy day and go outside. All the while asking God to lead in what to do next.
Well He showed me His provision before i ever got to sit down. (refer to last post)
Then when i sat down the phone rang. It was my old boss. She was calling to give me a number for a possible refund on our cruise next week. Thank You Father for this gift of vacation, that we can for fill a life long wish of my mother, to go on a cruise.
Well the conversation with boss turned out to be pleasing in God’s sight. That is my goal in life you know. We went from passing info to Praising God, Declaring His Goodness, Protection in motorcycle accident, and His provision for all things. We also Declared His written Word.
God says “see I will use you if you rest in me. Why do you think you have to do x, y,and z. Follow Me I will lead you in the path you should go. Didn’t I prove yesterday how much I can get done through your resting in Me”?
God clearly is trying to break the Performance Orientation in me. The “i have to work to be acceptable in God’s Eyes mind set”.
Nowhere in His Word does it say i must work or can earn His favor. It says Faith produces works, Fruit/good works are of the Spirit.
God is leading me in Hebrews Bible study. Be Blessed


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