Perfect way to end the night, again

It’s 9:30 pm on a Beautiful Wednesday night. i have my laptop, tiki torches going, my cigarettes and ginger ale. oh how i love summer nights. It’s spring, but feels like summer. My Lord is romancing me with this beautiful night outside. roommate is asleep and i have nothing left to do for the night. Most of dads stuff is packed. The house needs very little to sell, and is on the market. God already accomplished one of the things the house needed to sell, today.
i am reviewing my day, and am amazed at how well it went. i believe i found favor in the real estate agent’s eyes. i believe i will find favor in the buyers eyes. Most importantly i am believing for nice housing, perfectly timed selling with moving into the new house. Father God be Glorified may i have a praise report of all i am believing for. Only You can give such favor for me.
OK Father what do you want the hands You gave me to teach about? i really like David. He was a man after Your Own Heart. Oh to be like him Father. i do not want the honor for my sake, but to be pleasing in Your sight.
Kind of like You were telling me earlier. Two people gave offerings one You accepted, the other You rejected. One Gave out of total Gratitude for Who You Are. The other did it just so they can say look at me, i gave my sacrifice. Only God knows the heart. i pray all the time for a clean and pure heart. It’s my favorite Psalm, 51 “Create in me a clean and pure heart O Lord. restore to me the Joy of your Salvation. Make me willing to obey You, Then I will teach others Your ways and they will Glorify You.”.
i so want to remain anonymous, for i feel only God can bring life to these words.. i also don’t want to bring any shame to God’s Holy Name. The bible talks about that in Psalm 119. David asks God to not let him bring shame to His Name.
i feel a closing of this post coming on. Father Bless these words. May they lead people to thirst after You. To want friendship with You. Be Glorified Father
this is the post i lost a couple of weeks ago. If God wants you to find it He will show you. i truly thought i would never see this post again.


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