i’m outside asking God to lead me in

i’m outside asking God to lead me in the next thing to do?  Asking God if it is ok to just walk in the garden?   As i walk the garden, pulling weeds, and listening to Psalms 119 on IPad, (grieving the time i won’t have in garden once house sells)    i am hearing the words of David and it is appearing all to clear.

i would love to type out all of psalms 119  and go through it with you.   i am not feeling lead to do so.  only to have you read it for yourself asking God and God alone to tell you what it says.

this is what this Psalm said to me.   i can not without God to reveal, what His laws and Decrees mean.   Without God we are to limited to understand what His Holy word says.  We give ourselves power in our thinking that we are smart enough to understand that which we read.   We Fool ourselves.  Holy Scripture tells us WE CAN’T WITHOUT GOD UNDERSTAND.

We try to take the short cut.  Have others search the bible for us.    Doesn’t work that way.    God’s Word is eternal.   He speaks that which He knows the person is ready for.  His word says  ” When you are faithful with little I will give you more”    If we go by what others tell us the bible says  instead of God, we may be mislead.  Why go to man for that which God wrote.    O’ Father please anoint this don’t let it come out wrong let it give only You God Glory.

i am not saying that God does not use man to teach His word.   It was man that lead me to search the scriptures.    Telling me read God’s word everyday.

What i am saying is…i am man, i too make mistakes.   i too go to God and ask please do not let me deceive myself.

this is what David is saying in 119. (are my comments)

17. ” Be good to your servant, that I may live and obey Your Word.

18. Open  (God has to open) my eyes to see the wonderful Truths in Your instructions.

19. I am  only a foreigner in the land.   (do any of us really know where we are and what our purpose in
life is? God tells us)
do not hide Your commands from me!  (if God wanted to He could, so David cries out please Lord don’t
take away from me) (these are the prayers we should pray) (Father may there never be a famine of Your Word)

20. I am always overwhelmed with a desire for Your Regulations. (are we?)

21.  You rebuke the arrogant: those who wander from Your Commands are cursed.  (there is victory in
Jesus, but we must seek God for salvation IT IS WRITTEN  Ps 50)

22. Don’t  (Meaning only God can stop it) let them scorn and insult me,  for I have obeyed Your laws.
   (trust me when you follow God you get filled with Joy and want to proclaim His goodness to everyone.
  People will scorn and mock you.  You will need God’s protection when they do)

23. Even princes sit and speak against me,   (princes may be a best friend, spouse,…..(not for long God
brings NO division between spouses) parent, brother. i’ll expand later on this) 
but I will meditate on Your Decrees.

24. Your laws please me:  They give me WISE ADVICE.

27.  Help me understand the meaning of Your Commandments, and I will meditate on Your wonderful
deeds.    (God has to give understanding)

28.  I weep with sorrow;  Encourage me BY YOUR WORD.    (instead of looking at God’s wrath  look at
God’s goodness in His word.  The Holy Spirit will convict you. Don’t let satan steal the Joy of
God’s word from you.)

29.    (BEST ONE YET)  Keep me from lying to myself;  (only God can do that, it is written The
Spirit will lead you into All Truth) Give me the Privilege of knowing Your instructions.
(here David knows what a privilege it is to even Know God, have His Word, Hear Him Speak, we are
not left alone to figure it all out for ourselves)
31. I cling to Your Laws. LORD, don’t let me be put to shame! (yes Father)
32. I will pursue Your Commands, FOR YOU EXPAND MY UNDERSTANDING.
33. Teach ME Your Decrees, O’LORD; I will keep them to the end.
34. Give me understanding and I will obey Your instructions; (only God can give understanding)
I will put them into practice with all my heart.
35. Make me walk along the path…….( God makes you walk along)
36. Give me eagerness for Your Laws rather then love for money.

Here is where God said blog this.
How many times in a day do you hear people say “if I could only win the lottery” now i ask this.
How many times a day do you hear “oh I wish I had more of God’s Laws”?
i am at a place where i am so full of the Joy of the Lord. He is talking with me all the time, and i just want to proclaim it everywhere i go, to everyone i see. This unfortunately doesn’t go over to well with people. i am told your to heavenly bound, don’t offend people, what makes you able to hear God. (wait praise report God has been so faithful to His word and sent like minded people in my path. one’s who do understand my joy and live in it too. Thank You Father)

The other day i was in Turkey Hill and said my standard “Blessings” to someone. It was well received and i actually found that shocking. Then God pointed out to me People need blessings, they want happiness, things to go well. They hear curses all day from everywhere. Keep blessings. Keep rejoicing, Keep proclaiming My Word. My Word’s have LIFE IN THEM.
so for those times i say “blessings” and the person looks at me weird, i will remember:”how will they know if no one tells them” how will they be blessed if no one blesses them.
Father i ask you to anoint this word. may i like David in Ps 119:74 “may all who fear You find in me a cause for Joy, for I have put my hope in Your Word”. Shalom


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