getting a new house

i don’t think this needs said.  but i feel it pressed on my heart to say.  That we have no money, and no idea where we are going to live IF the house will sell.    i only know that i am to step out in faith believing God will lead and provide ALL that we need.

He is showing me this by teaching me to lean on Him to get house in order, take care of mom,  take care of roommate.

All that i am doing is of His Grace.  The flesh in me would love to lay around and take advantage of not working.   By God’s Grace i am empowered to make calls, clean, pack, pick truck up from shop, pack mom’s house.   i do NONE of it.  God does it all through my hands.   Hands that i would not even have had He choose not to have me born with them.

i can take no credit for anything i do.

like  i said satan is tricky.  tries to get me to see how much i have to do/am doing and what others are doing/not doing.     God is doing it all!    Yeah Jesus   Be Glorified.

This is how God is showing me to take every thought CAPTIVE UNDER JESUS.

When satan attacks with pride or shame or whatever.  i attack using the Sword of His Word.

i do nothing apart from Christ that dwells within me.   i can do all things with Christ who strengthens me.

Christ Jesus does all the work.  my body is just His vessel.

Praise You Father Praise You.  Thank You for the Privilege to be used by You.


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