Time with God

i am listening to bible on iPad.  God is revealing like crazy what it is i am listening to.   Showing me David’s Heart.  For i am listening to Psalms.  God prophetically speaks to me you have David’s heart.   i lose it in emotional gratitude for such a precious gift as this.

as i am listening,  The Spirit is moving me to clean house for my husband.

i am going back and forth between amazement of what i now hear so clear, and  praising  Him for acts of service unto His name (cleaning house), and showing me David’s heart

my heart is wanting to get this out to people.  But i can’t find my wireless mouse.   i say the prayer i said in Texas when i lost the 1/4 caret stud earring, and back on the beach and He showed me where it was.   “God you know where it is show me”

well as i am looking for the mouse, listening to the bible, and cleaning at the same time.

(told you i was performance oriented).

It starts to rain outside

God:  come see the rain.  pray that it be my word raining down now.  not just water.  I command when it rains and where by my word.

me:  I go to window and hear God tell me these things

God;  all things are at my Word.   People are thankful for rain when it is hot and dry, and need water on lawns, fields, flowers, etc.    People hate rain when it’s too much.   when you seek Me in all things I am bigger than all circumstances.   you never see it as terrible if your focus is on the Lord.

i then go back to cleaning.  For what i just heard “rest in the Lord and know He is”  apparently didn’t sink in,  i feel i should be cleaning not resting.    so i go back to cleaning  and looking for the mouse.

God:  I will show you where the mouse is, if you come sit with Me by the window.  Opened and sheltered from rain,  And watch it with me.  There is a psalm I will choose for you to write about. you haven’t heard it yet.

Me:  Father just let me finish i’m almost done.  i go sit for a 1/2 minute praise Him.  Then  i start vacuuming.   When i am vacuuming God down loads this whole post to me.  so when i do get to it,  i will know what to say.

Me: putting vacuum away in office

God:  hey look on the desk.  use the wired mouse from the desk top for the laptop..

Me:  God thank you for your provision.

May all who reads know fellowship with God is that easy.  You must first believe He is and then ask.  He then will lead you to His Son Jesus who pardons your sin, washes you clean, and shows you how to yield the Holy Spirit so you may talk to the Father.  Father then tells you who He is, what pleases Him, how to serve Him, worship, praise, what to ask for.    GOD IS GOOD PERIOD.


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