God knows best

Thank You Father for my roommate.  How You use him to lead,  guide me, and Give me a new way of looking at things.

This is how these things that i am grateful for show up in my life.  My roommate likes modern technology, i think it is useful at times and a scam at others.    So my roommate tells me “get a laptop”.  i say “we have a computer why waste money”?  So i get one.  i am writing this from it.  Thank you roommate.  Thank you God.

Then my roommate advises me that some revelations are for me only others for other people.  When i sat down to write this i was going to type that witch was just revealed to me.  i am now seeing it didn’t feel right because God wanted me to type this instead.   Which lead me to think of what my roommate said.  Some things are for me.

i Thank You Father that you are growing an obedient spirit in me.  That i do not see hubby as enemy but rather someone who You blessed me with.  That to Honor You is to honor my roommate.

As You love me Father i than have the honor to pass that on.  i see how You are using it to soften his heart.  Grow his faith in You.

You do the work.  i am privileged to see it and help plant the seeds.

As scripture says” we not only have the privilege of trusting in God but the privilege of suffering for Him.”

The suffering comes sometimes when you are trying to love your spouse and they see you as the enemy, not having their best interest’s at heart.  When they don’t acknowledge what you do or how far you’ve come.

This i am learning for myself  is pride.  Break me Father.  Scripture says “let the bones you break rejoice”    (bones being old ways of doing things)

This is what last revelation was….me crying out to God asking  for no acknowledgement.  Only Him to be Glorified.

See when i get upset for roommate not listening or taking my side, i am focusing on me.

When i see that i need Gods strength to love in spite of response then God is Glorified.  Focus is than  on God.

It’s so clear to me.  Only cause God revealed it.  This is the freedom and peace Jesus offers.

When you see things clearly you don’t upset so much.

like Charles Stanley said ” see everything as coming from God”

i take that as, God’s purpose is to conform us into Jesus image.  All that entails.

Sometimes it’s healing, helping stranger, praying….

Sometimes it is Jesus’ obedience to the cross of what ever is in front of us.    like loving  your spouse when they don’t acknowledge or love you as you need.

Helping someone as they yell at you, and responding in love and not saying “forget this man”.

People are only their to help us grow in Christ.   That is why Jesus said “whoever does this to the least of these does it for me”.

When you see God in everything then it is easy to do right.


1st  you know you can’t apart from Him.

2nd  you know that everything you do is unto the Lord.

When God reveals this to you life gets ALOT EASIER.

Please don’t get me wrong.  i am not master of this.  According to scripture “i will not ever be till Christ comes again”.

i use to struggle with this.  Say “it isn’t fair, i try all my life and will never get it right”.

Then God said to me” if you did you would be prideful, will think you don’t need Me”.

God is deepening that revelation as i type this.

i never want to do apart from God who strengthens me.  if  i ever think i got this, i am screwed.

This to me is the reasoning behind 40 years in desert.  They thought they had this, and forgot it was God’s provision that got them that far.

We say “how can they forget  He parted a sea, food from heaven, water from rock?”

God says to me” how can you for get when I got you out of this or that?    my list is too big to list here.  i have had my red sea parting’s, food , and water from rocks…..we got approved for loan we never should have based on mans standards.

God is doing that right now and i get to see it unfold.  What a privilege  The  selling of our house is ALL GOD.

i want it no other way and am making that clear to all involved.  God gets all the credit for house sale and purchase of new one.

God gave us favor with bank, inspector.

i am trusting in Him for sale of this home and provision for larger home, so we can move mom in.

i also pray the house will serve Him in other ways.  Hosting a missionary etc.

God is Awesome can’t you see it.  Only He can give such Rest and Peace.  i must lean on Him.   He is my foundation that can not be shaken!

may all who read this be Blessed by our Savior and Sustainer Jesus Christ


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