my roommate and i are taking a class in apologetics.   apologia  comes from Greek a legal defense.

Scripture says we are to defend our Faith in Christ Jesus.  “Always ready to give a defense for the faith we have with gentleness of spirit”.

so here is my experience with this.

i am with my mom today.  She is a Roman Catholic.  i have come to appreciate this for she raised me with God and Jesus

she tells me how she has to be buried with her scapula, (which is a felt necklace with Blessed mother on it)  i ask her why?   She tells me “Mary guarantees her entry to heaven”.

i tell her “Only the blood of Jesus can get you to heaven.  If you believe in the bible, the bible tells you that is the Only Way  JESUS.

she then gets upset and i say ” why get upset”? ” i am not forcing you to agree with me.  i am telling you the Truth.  As a follower of God i am called to do so.  You can choose to believe or not.  But i will be held accountable to God if i do not share the Truth”.

It is written “how will they know if they are not told?….Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God”.

When i tell my roommate this story he says ” if she wants to do the work she can look it up in the bible”.

i then said  “if that isn’t Historical proof enough.  There is secular documentation to prove Jesus was born died and rose again”.  “Therefore what He said is TRUTH.  “I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH,  AND THE LIFE, ONLY THROUGH ME CAN YOU GET TO THE FATHER”

So this my apologetics experience for the day.  i presented my case and  proof , for i will  believe nothing else but TRUTH.

May all who read know it is that easy to defend your Faith in God.  Historical proof backs our beliefs and personal experiences Deepen the Faith in our hearts.  Only experiences and revelation from God will ever get others to believe what you do.  For we too had to be told first in order to come to believe.


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