What i think God wants from me

it’s not about big things or great things.  It’s about what you do with what is in front of you.  If it’s prayer, encouragement, service, or acts of love which all these are.

This is what i think God wants from me.  To seek Him always in all i do.  In doing that He tells us what’s next.  Pray this, help that person, don’t let that bother you.  See Me in the situation don’t react to it out of hurt respond in love.  Listen to what their heart is saying.  See if it is your healing or theirs I am trying to address.

This is how i am coming into discipleship.  Walk in moment by moment with God.  Resting in God.  Sometimes in awe of His creation and beauty, sometimes weeping over His Grace, mercy, and or Blessing’s in my life.  Sometimes singing His praises.  Always looking for more revelation of who He is.  Where He is to be found in what i’m doing who i’m talking to.  Asking  Him to use me to bring Glory to His Holy Name.

Tonight while scooping the cat litter.  i was singing His praises.  God blessed me with telling me i am His friend.  Friend’s spend time together, get to know each other, do all things together.  Does life get any better than being friends with The One True Living God.

This is how God is showing me not to worry or fret about anything.  He’s in control got this.  As not only His child but friend He will always take care of me, have my back,

May all who read know the Joy of being best friends with God.


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