i’m outside an a jack hammer is working it’s little head off  and i see the transformation God has done already because that loud hammer isn’t phasing me.   MIRACLE

This is what i am trying to share with people.  The things that bother us here on earth, jack hammers, death, car  accidents, name it.  When you are with God they take on a whole new light.  They are not heavy or burdensome.  Jesus is a God of Peace,  His yoke  is easy and burden light.

We seek money thinking that our problems would be solved.  No they won’t.  God is the only form of rest.  ask anyone who won big and wishes they didn’t.    i would rather have the peace to go through the storm then the money to try and buy my way out.   Money will burn.  God is eternal.

When i can look back at my life either recently or long past and see how things use to get me upset, or frustrate me.  Now it’s as if the screaming child isn’t in the room.  As an example.  Now i see the Father heart of God in the mother.  How much faith God has in her.  i see it as a huge honor to me a mom.   all things come from God so do children.   For God to say here take care of my child.  Wow to me that’s big.  Woman should be honored for doing so.  Moms i feel get the raw end of stick sometimes.  i try very hard to let them know how blessed they are and appreciated they are.

i got side tracked  my point was  God makes it not so hard to do all things.  You just have to hang out with Him.

i have so much transformation yet to complete.  i now have faith based off of all He has already done that He will “Complete that which He started”

i have been praying lately to strengthen my faith that if it was all taken away i would still Praise Him, Thank Him, Seek Him.    See we look at Job like he had it the worst.  Yet we forget what God called him to satan.  My Servant,  finest man in all the earth, blameless, fears the Lord.  These are names i would be honored to have God call me.  God knew Job would seek Him through the storm.  Job only proved God right and satan to be the liar, and thief he is.

Father may i seek only to bring Glory to You.  Not what i get out of it but what i can give.  Father continue to rid me of self.  Jesus show me how to love as You love, serve as You serve, forgive as You forgive.   Be Exalted Lord.


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