God inhibits the praises of His children

i heard this recently. “God inhibits the praises of His children”  At first i didn’t get it.  For worship music isn’t my thing.  (way i feel closest to God).  So i didn’t really take it as truth.   Then through hanging out with God so much i find myself singing His praises all the time.

i was just thinking that God inhibits our praises because, that is when we Exalt Him, humble our selves.  God is in the humble.  He honors it.   So now i see the truth in what was told to me.

This all started with  thinking about How i come to God now,  it’s unconventional.  All i keep hearing is “Seek you will find, knock and it will be open, ask you will receive”.  so i keep seeking.  asking for more of God and He shows up.

i don’t ever want to come across as justifying so i will say that God is pleased i feel only with my seeking.  We all fall short and He does not measure sin as we  do .  Not to mention our BEST is but FILTHY RAGS  in His presence.

i can’t help but to want to serve and seek a God who accepts me where i am.  Teaches me how to do better either by blessing or correction.  He talks to me.

This is when i learned the meaning of the two people i know who quit smoking the God way.  God told them one day “you don’t need that anymore”  That was it they stopped smoking.  That is my prayer that i will hear God say that and obey.

This i think is what a counselor meant when he asked “if God told me to quit smoking, or was that my decision”?  At the time i was trying to quit.   i get it now.  If we do not hear from God or do without seeking Him.  We will fail and/or miss the opportunity to grow in Him.

So to comfort my roommate who desperately wants me to quit  ” Have faith that God will get me to quit regardless how much i smoke”.

Sometimes i like to think it is my thorn.  Like Paul, what ever keeps you humble is worth it in my eyes.   Then i can fellowship with God.  When i think i am actually worthy to come to the Throne on my own, that is when i am in big trouble.  NOTHING BUT THE BLOOD OF CHRIST do i dare come to Throne with praises, thanksgiving and petitions.  (rereading this part i saw justification in that sentence i like)

may all who read have deeper fellowship with God.



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