Advice for peace

My roommate was telling me how he has all these people in his life that he has to share time with.  That till he gets to them all he only has 3% left and they require 12%.

i said “rest can only be found in God”. remember i said God gives us reprieves 1 minute or 1 hour but always reprieves.  if we seek Him in those brief moments He not only gives us rest but 100% to give to all He puts in your path.”

i share this because we all can feel there isn’t enough time in the day.  i am learning to seek God in all things in all times.  Through this i am finding i am getting things done that i never even thought to put on list let alone doing it with Praises to God on my lips.

God is showing me the more we ask the more we receive.  We only have to believe He is and ask.

Think about this please.  We will spend all of eternity hanging out with God and NEVER KNOW ALL HE IS.   That’s huge.  We like to limit Him, box Him up in pretty packages.  God is so much more.  The more you seek the more you want.  The more the things of this world matter less.

Father give us hearts to seek You in all things.  Pour out Your Spirit on Your children.  May we know You wish to give us  peace now not after we’re are dead.


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