Manifestation of prophetic word given to me.

The Holy Spirit prompted me to go see mom.  Wow did He show up.  i saw God show up like crazy. Mom started the night telling me how terrible her mom was.  i prayed to God to show up, be Glorified, and to use me.  i then processed to tell her my testimony of how God restored our relationship.  For i did not talk to my parents for over 10 years.  On a night where i saw my whole life  crumbling in front of me.  i sat there on the couch crying out to God.  Saying i want my mom.  You know those times when all that will make you feel better is your mom…even if she isn’t the type that really sooths, which was my case.  But that one time as a kid she did comfort me stuck and i longed for that again.  So the Holy Spirit had me call them.   as I got up to go over , for my dad said I could come over.  i cried out to God PLEASE DON’T LET THEM REJECT ME  BUT IF IT BE YOUR WILL.   When i got there it was ok at first,  Then it went south.  Dad yelled and kicked me out.   i shared how for the first time i saw the power of the Holy Spirit show up.  For as i got up to leave.  i went to my dad and apologized and said “i only want healing not to hurt you .  i understand your torment and i love you.  Well my dad changed before my eyes.  i never saw peace so quickly unfold before.    As my mom knows that was perfectly timed by God.   Because my dad soon became diagnosed with terminal cancer.  So now my mom all alone only has me.    i told her “if you can’t see any good in grandma ask God to show you.  i use to see  daddy and all he did to me and now i see him as a human run on flesh verses seeking the Lords way.”  God brought healing there.

She then said “I want pizza”.  This is  where God showed me many things.  1st ask thou shall receive.  she presented her desire.  Then God wanted to use me to for fill it.  Then Jesus showed up and said “I did not come to condemn the world but to serve.”  so in my going and getting her pizza i got to experience the service heart of God, and be used by Him to show mom His love for her..

Than God showed me how He is preparing our hearts for us living together.  A prayer He told me to pray about the moving in with mom.  “pray for the preparing of your hearts”

see last night as i lay in bed God said” I am preparing the harvest.  Prepare for the coming of the Lord.  return to your first love.  God wants to be your first love”   By what happened tonight with mom God showed me He is preparing the harvest.  That the way to prepare for the coming of the Lord is to ask, and He will show you how to do as He did.

That by seeking to know God you will fall in love with Him.  Wanting more and more as He shows you more and more of who He is.

That is where i relate to Paul when he says ” I can not help but share the gospel the Spirit with in can not be controlled.”

God showed me so many things.  if we ask for Him to show up He will.

May all that read this be Blessed with Gods love for them.


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