We could not handle all God see’s and feels

i asked God for His heart for His children.  He has been answering that Prayer.  Today i had a taste of the pain not only His children feel but He feels for His children.

i honestly have no idea how He does it.  i have never had so much empathy for another human being in my life.  i am emotionally exhausted.   i meet someone today who has been abused since before they were 8 yrs old.   Continually they have had to face the rough part of this world.  All i knew to say was keep seeking God.  Their response was “I don’t see how God would allow such things”.   My heart broke, i had to surrender it to God and trust He will lead them as He did all who believe in Him.

See satan has gotten them to the place where they are so wounded to reach out to God, in fear it would hurt too much.  While God is waiting on them to seek God’s help they are waiting on God.

i feel i see the problem, but who am i?  God will not force Himself on anyone.  He will graciously use life’s pain to get you to the place where you say uncle I can’t do it anymore.  God has shown me that while we wish for an easy life, that is not always best for us.  God so wants a relationship with us.  He will use the pain in our life to draw us nearer to Him.

How do you explain that to someone in soooo much pain?

God showed me today that while we may want to help others if we do not rely on Him, seek what He wants for the situation WE WILL cause further damage.  All i wanted  was to just rescue the person.  i had to release it to God.  Pray that my prayers for them play a part in their healing process.  We can’t rescue everyone, when we try we only mess things up more.  Even when our hearts are in the right place we MUST surrender it to God.

i am finding that following Jesus is the hardest thing i have and will ever do.

God is saying to me now “I am showing you how to hate the sin and love the sinner”.

Father this prayer is for this person your precious child.  Father place people in their life that will show them Father God’s love for them.  put a hedge of protection around them and their children.  Keep them from the enemy.  Do not let their heart get so hardened by this world.  Give them the heart of surrender.  Place in them a desire to seek You, and this Awesome Love they hear about.  Jesus meet them as You did me broken on the floor crying out to You.  Comfort them as only You can.

On a selfish note Father prepare me for serving You in this way.  Ready my heart Lord.  Teach me to Love as You love, not letting what i think/feel get in Your way.

In the words of our Lord and Savior “do not take them from this world but keep them from the enemy”.

Be Gloried Father.

P.S on the drive home i realized how self absorbed i have been all my life now that i have seen a taste of the pain that surrounds me.  May this only lead to a more God serving life, more gratitude for my salvation.


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