God’s Provision

i’m guilty first and foremost.  let me start off there.

What i am talking about is this revelation of relying on ourselves or world systems instead of Father God provider of all.  i pray to God to get me to that place where i go to Him for everything.  We as humans with intelligence seem to be deceived that our intelligence is what gets us by.  Forgetting that, it too comes from God.  We do not breathe without His say so.  Why do we think that we handle the rest of our day without Him.

We seek God when we want or need something.  Yet are disturb if we know people who only want from us without thinking our needs or wants.  Why do we treat God this way?

Why are we so on a quest to get others to heaven without getting to know the God we will be spending eternity with?    God wants all of us NOW!  Not when we get there and have no choice but to hang out with Him.

Father crucify my will, my independence, self reliance.  None of me All of You.

i do not want to go to God for wisdom on house/job and problems.  i want to go to God with how do you want me to spend my day/time?   Who do You want me to speak life into today?

We want an easy life.  God loves us to much for that.  See we grow in the pain.  God gave me wisdom some years ago.  Joy is meant to be enjoyed, pain is meant for growth.  Hence why i call pain ‘GROW LAND”.  We can not go to God and say Yes Lord i will follow you, but only if it is the easier softer way.  Jesus told us ” the road is narrow and few choose it”.  Why do we profess to believe, but then do not take Him at His word?  Jesus unlike us, doesn’t talk just to hear Himself speak.  He already knows these things. He tells us for our benefit.

i want to look at life like David ” teach me the number of my days”  i want to look at my limited time here on earth as, i only have so much time to show Christlikeness.  How can i show that today?

David also said “may the bones You crush rejoice.”   see as we are broken we see God for who He is.  Our sustainer/provider of all.   so long as we ‘GOT THIS”  we do not rely on Him.

May all who read this seek to give God Glory for ALL things.


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