Revelation from God

first God showed me a vision.  something I asked of Him to do for me.  I asked for a vision of what my future would look like serving Him.  on face book today a sister in Christ posted Habakkuk 2:2-3  The passage said to me that this writing thing that I wish to use to bring Glory to God He approves of.    His word tells us to write down what He reveals to us.  Then He will reveal the time to share it with the world.  I believe this is what forerunner perspective blog vision casters was about.  God gave me a vision for my life.  that is to serve Him by showing love to others proclaiming God goodness, one of His many attributes.

How ever that vision may look…housewife, plumber, singer, writer, photographer,  but my vision and cross for that matter, is for me.  Just because God calls one to serve this way does not mean all are called to serve the same way.  the more God gives you to Shepard the more you are accountable for.  So be careful not to get people to buy into your vision, only Gods.  witch is to seek God with all your heart, trust in Him, and all these things will be added onto you.  we do NOTHING APART FROM CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS US.  don’t seek to sell your vision seek to sell Gods Love to His children.

This way just one of the Revelations God gave me to night.  tune in


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