humble me Lord.

One of the things God asked me to do was to humble my self to my roommate and ask forgiveness.  to ask him if i am to make foolish decisions would he be willing to pay the cost with me as my roommate?   i must pose this question to myself?  i would like to think i answered that and the answer is yes i would again and again.  we humans are messy sometimes.  That is why we need Jesus without Him i can speak for my self i would be a mess to society.  if i am not it is only He that dwell in me.

i tried to love, help, fix problems.  i only made them worse.  He on other hand knows all and when seeking Him you produce better solutions,results.

my roommate was half asleep. i woke him up.  so i did not seek an answer, only to inform him of the revelation God gave me.  i know he would though.  mistake big or small i made them all.  My precious roommate forgave me.

that’s all this chick is tired.  have busy house info gathering to do.

i hear: first I should go to the Father and see what He has planned.

Blessings to all and to all a good night.


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