God showed up like never before

Oh Father Your love amazes me.  how you turned my sin into Glorifing Your Holy name I can not explain but You did.

This i have learned that God will reveal things to us if we humble ourselves and ask.

it is not that one person knows over another, it is that He reveals to those that ask.

God is pointing out to me how much we rely on our own wisdom.

As i was on the toilet crying out to God i called out His name, told Him how amazing His love for me is, how i only seek to dwell in His presence.  asking Him to lead me in the way i should go.  i mean i was CRYING OUT TO HIM.

My roommate comes in and says “HE DIDN’T UNDERSTAND A WORD I WAS SAYING.

i asked if he was serious that i was speaking in English.  he said no i did not understand that which you said.

i lost it again.  singing God’s praises., professing His love and mercy on me.

See in all of this God showed me the unknown tongues that speak to God that humans can not understand.

He showed me how we humans think we can yield the gifts HE GAVE US, to our disposal.

i did not seek to speak in unknown tongues only to cry out to God and ask forgiveness, to be led by Him in the paths i should Go, to bring Glory to His Holy Name , to be obedient in all things.

by my roommate saying he did not understand that which i said  was God telling me He heard my cry.

i am more convinced now, more than ever that God not only is alive and with us He hears the crys of the humble, broken and contrite heart.   in one of my favorite Psalm it says. ” a broken and contrite heart You will not ignore”

By God’s Grace alone do i now know the depth of those words spoken through His servant David.

i will say it over and over till i die I CAN DO NOTHING APART FROM HIM .

This is what started the whole thing.  My roommate was advising me in what to do regarding my sin.  i agreed and told him i am seeking God.  He kept saying over and over agree with God we have choice.   i kept saying i can do nothing without Him.  that it is not i that chooses right only God that dwells within me.  he insisted i have choice in the matter.  i insisted that God wants us to rely solely on Him .   that i can not choose right without Him.

thus lead the crying out to God on the toilet.  (I had to go, sorry people for the details)   i say this only to stress the point God meets us any and everywhere we seek and cry out to Him.

i ask You Father to show my husband and all your children that WE CAN DO NOTHING APART FROM YOU.

That the lye satan tries to get us to believe we can  is just that A LYE.

Your Holy Word tells we can’t, yet Your children are deceived that they can.   As i pleaded in the bathroom, please do not let me be led astray, do not let me rely on my own understanding.  Make me to trust in You ALONE.

May God’s Peace and Revelation be on all those who read this.  Thank you ABBA


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