Broken and contrite heart

As i sat with my roommate listening to him tell me i am running and rebellious.  i asked God to open my ears to what it was He wanted me to hear.  my roommate told me i need to seek help ask people, summit.  i told him i have, i am, that i am seeking God with all my being.    as he keep going on and on  telling me all i was to do. I felt more and more lost. begging God to get him to understand i want to do the things he asks of me.  i believe i am, and that it is only God that brings about change in ones heart.

i could not understand how i was agreeing with him and yet he kept telling more of what to do.  Not understanding that i was doing what he was advising me to do.

i got frustrated and cried out to God please God please.

see i saw in my roommate how strong a hold satans lye “of we can do we can do”  is.   my roommate wanted me to do something about this addiction i have.  can’t he see i can’t. that is why i listened to God last nite, and confessed to him, and  sought his help .  i was doing everything my roommate asked of me but he wasn’t getting it.  thus led to the revelation that he has not come to the place that the Lord is taking me.  I CAN DO NOTHING APART FROM HIM.

Thus led to the bathroom incident.  as he told me “make the choice we have choice”  i said “show me scripture where we can do apart from God”.

having felt misunderstood i cried out to God.

Here is how God turned things around.  The Holy Spirit feel in that bathroom it was undeniable.  my roommate felt it and left me to be in the presence of God.

no bitterness just love

i am writing because it was just revealed to me that it is written “God choose us”  not we choose Him.

so now i sit here writing my life story and seeing God answer my prayer “may my roommate and i bring Glory to Your Holy Name Lord”

i believe God will use all that i am writing to speak to someone.

In that lies our Hope.   which by the way is what i said to my husband when he said” God will not leave you ”

so those who are experiencing bondage, and strongholds in your life know God will not forsake and leave you.  He will show up no matter how ugly your situation appears.

God i wish i could give this hope to my best friend.  May you Father show up in her life and give her the Hope You have given to me.  May i love her as you do, bringing the love of the Father to her through me.  in Jesus Holy Name i ask


One thought on “Broken and contrite heart

  1. Hey they are not in the order that the events happened but if you read all of todays posts you will see how the whole thing unfolded. oh God is good turned all for good.

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