Father Heart of God

Father Thank you that Your word says You Bless us into repentance.  it is  satan that comdems us.  tells us we/they are not good enough.  God can’t love or use me/them.

Father Thank You that You drew me to You with Your beauty and blessings.

Thank You that You are taking me to deeper revelations of Your heart.  You are showing me the true meaning of “while we were still sinners Christ died for us”   See i am to love like that.  i am to see all people as you see them, Dearly Beloved by God.  that i am to pour out my life as a sacrifice to God.

Not that Jesus was not enough.  More so that Jesus showed us God.  God loved us so much He stepped down from His Holy Throne to be with us.  Show us the way.  Sacrificially Loved us, mourned with us, encouraged us, taught us.  That is what i am to do.  i can know every Word in the Bible by heart, but if i do not Love others put them before me and my rights how will they ever know/see God dwelling in and through me.  See we know God by Jesus.  Jesus lived God on earth through His interactions with people.

Father not everyone is raised being taught Your word.  If i am the only representation of You in their lives may i only show You to them.  Not me….busy not enough time in the day, task oriented, angry, hatred, all those things i become apart from You.

The last to nights You took me from asking for Your heart for Your children, never wanting to have to separate myself from You.  To.. no God i can not take the pain you have for your children in pain…  to Yes Lord i will be cursed so that none shall perish.

Your Word promises You will never leave nor forsake us.  May this be the Joy always set before me.  But in order to have Father Gods heart i must be willing to separate myself from the Blessings of God if that is what it takes to bring others to God.   Another words if there was no reward would i still love others sacrificially?

Father i pray this makes sense to the people reading it.  i pray that as i fall deeper in Love with You that i fall deeper in love with all Your children.  May i put away the things of this world so that i may bring Honor to Your Kingdom.

All i hear You say is love others.  Father teach me to love as you love.  To not care who i impress, or who likes me, or if i’m smart or anything that is about me.  Teach me to care only that people know the Love You have for them.

i am so honored that you answer my prayers.  You show me glimpses of my life, that look like Jesus’ walk on earth.

Father forgive me for thinking of only myself, my needs, wants, desires.  May my desires be Yours Father.   Thank You God for showing me what Your desires are….That none should perish and All know the Love of God.

Blessings of Gods love to all those who read. SHALOM


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