The False Burden of the Vision Caster

God gets all the Glory but I certainly relate this the revelations God gives this person. it is not about us people!

Forerunner Perspective

VISION CASTI have worked with many in the past who considered themselves “visionaries” or “visionary leaders.” I have found that most of the time the label is a too convenient cover/excuse for being interpersonally dysfunctional, relationally obtuse, insensitive, ambitious, and self-centered. The only “vision” the scripture endorses is the accurate unfolding of Jesus Christ for who He is, and that unfolding in people’s hearts. If being “visionary” means leaving human carnage in the wake of your “visionary pursuits,” you are an abuser, not a visionary. The welfare of PEOPLE IS God’s vision. So, the next time you feel “steam-rolled” by someone who claims to be “visionary” . . . stand up . . . say something to protect yourself, and make a change in your associations if you have to.

I did not write those words. Those words are a quote from a dear brother of mine by the name of 

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