How God talks to me

i was suppose to volunteer somewhere today.  but i over slept.   so the old me would of said you failed you fell short…. the transforming me says i am still preaching the good news God loves us anyway.  .  see i am a performance oriented person.  Word i recently learned.  It means i base value on working.  i feel i have to earn Gods Grace.  Which is a oxy moron because Grace can’t be earned.   So i base my day on how much i get done.  Now this is huge for me because i lived with a dictator as a dad.   There were mean words said and violence.  So believe me i was not raised in the LOVE OF GOD which is why it seems so foreign to me.

i can see why God has to tell us over 365 times don’t worry.

God used my cats to show me His love for me.  i could write a book on all He spoke to me through them. For now i’ll share that which i asked to be remembered of.  i was on the porch and the cats were outside. sitting next to me.  i looked at them feeling/thinking Wow you have the whole world to explore but you choose to be by my side.  Then comes what i now call the down load from God.  He says “they don’t have to fight or fend for their food, they know they have a safe place to live, so they rest in you.  This is what I want from you. just rest in Me”.    Wow when God gives you stuff like that you leap for joy inside.

Back to the works thing.  Here i  am sunning typing feeling like i am not contributing a thing to the world. And yet God is showing me He will use all things for His Glory.  That because i am resting in His wonderful provision  sun, chair, laptop, waterfall next to me, cigs, water, you name it i am enjoying my freedom in Him.  He says this is what I want.  If for a season i do not have to work for my bills then what am i doing with my time.  My prayer is that i bring Glory to God. Share Him with others the best way i know how.   Which is why this blog must be about God and God alone.  My experiences of course for i have nothing else to draw from.  If I will share others as i perceive them.   May all who read know the LOVE OF GOD through our CHRIST JESUS.


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