continuation of last post.

i just wrote a whole page and lost it.  God is really showing me my heart on the blog thing.  Thank you Father.

i started with God taking me back to Genesis 1

for those who think reading the bible is  difficult or hard to understand it is because All understanding comes from God. God’s Word is a part of God,  who can know God?

in new testament we learn that because Jesus washes us clean we can know God.   we need only seek Him.  of course this will lead to revelation of Jesus and His word.   thus we then can understand all of the Bible.

with this said.   as God was revealing Genesis 1 to me  He showed me that  before He created man, he created all we need.  Genesis 1 tells us that first heavens (implying more then 1) were created then earth sky water land seed fruit fish birds creatures animals then man.

after this He repeats Himself 365 times.   maybe we should listen.   He has provided all we need  He continues to tell us “do not worry, fret, be anxious for nothing”.  then Jesus tells us in all things make your requests known to God with prayer and thanksgiving.  then He will give us peace.    by the way that transcends HUMAN UNDERSTANDING.

God has show hubby and I that all our problems stem from our lack of trust in God.   if we truly trusted that God loved us, will take care of us, we wouldn’t be so apt to feel the need to protect our selves.   we do this all the time I won’t let so and so hurt me,  I work to make this or that happen.  we are not resting in God trusting the house/job/prayer we want will be answered.   he’ll never change i’ll never change.  these are the things we worry about.  God has it covered.  but we don’t trust Him.  why? God was asking me as He revealed His word Genesis 1 to me.   i read it 10’s of times now i finally see that He was telling me i provided before you were born.    (see people only through revelation from God do we understand that which we read.)

How can I not want to serve and Glorify a God that is living and TRUTH and love and peace and a perfect provider.  what a love i have in Him.  how can i not get on my face and say THANK YOU GOD FOR CHOOSING ME TO FELLOWSHIP WITH.  HE CHOOSES ALL OF US BY THE WAY.    we need only answer the call.  even that i can not take credit for.  to God be all the Glory.


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