BEWARE the Vision Bus!

this guy writes so well. I pray that God is always first and foremost in his mind and heart always.

Forerunner Perspective


So, I, ummmmmmm, have gotten quite a bit of response on the post,  The False Burden of the Vision Caster.  It apparently touched a nerve in a few people because some comments/emails were a bit, shall we say, nasty.

In getting past the name-calling and other things in those communications, I began to notice a pattern.  While never identifying themselves as ‘believers‘ in Christ, they readily identified themselves by religious title, (pastor, visionary, apostle, etc.) or religious association, whether to a particular church/denomination or particular “anointed” minister/visionary.  Interesting!

Before I go any further, allow me to say that I totally understand.  I harbor no bitterness towards any response or responder. I get where they are coming from because, as I mentioned in the previous post, I used to come from there myself.  And, after all, as one of the responders included in their response………”who do you…

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