Scottish preacher

so on the way back from Hershey we are listening to sermon by this Scottish preacher.  i love scottish accents to me, they always seem like the’re telling a joke.  Preacher had a good sense of humor too.  he is sharing Paul’s letters to ?? but it is in reference to the rabbi’s not thinking Paul is not qualified.   Paul says I only boast in my weakness.  if you seek spiritual gifts such as signs and wonders look only at Johns revelations from God.  (book of Revelations   God gave him visions of what is to come and what heaven looks like)    side note people were healed by Pauls handkerchief  talk about miracles signs and wonders.   to be that anointed with God’s healing power that your nose rag heals people.  God is awesome!

So this guy goes on to say that Paul meet God on way to kill God’s people.  So God can use any of us.  None have fallen too far.  We need only answer the call.

Well moms comment on the not boasting part was “if I have a masters degree I am not to tell anyone.  not boast in my accomplishments?”

i said mom we don’t breathe without God breathing life in us.  Weather we are doctors or great preachers it all is Gods grace on our lives.  we can not take credit for His work.   we boast only that He choose to give us such blessings.  degree’s, houses, jobs, gardens etc.

Well less then an hour later i was cleaning feces from the toilet and said Father if this is how you want me to serve You i am honored.      For whoever does this to the least of these does it for me.   Jesus Thank You for revealing more and more of Yourself to me. (answered prayer).    See i didn’t have to clean the toilet, for i can’t tell you how long i knew it was like that and just brushed it off.   So see mom we can not boast in i did this, i did that, for the cleaning of your toilet was only God dwelling in me wanting to serve you.  Using me to do it.   PRAISE GOD HE IS WORTHY OF IT ALL

Thank You Father i am spending more time with mom and that Your Word is even on the radio to let me know You’re there You listen


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