Relying on God

What a  day.  i certainly was tested on the daily reprieve i shared earlier.  my day started with noisy lawn mower, and progressed from there.  the neighbor lady fell in her yard.  as i was called to help i begged God to be  with me and help me.  as i approached the elderly woman i felt “don’t just rush her up, so you can get to your mom.  Speak to her connect with her.”  i kneeled down introduced who i was and processed to ask what happened.  We stayed down there awhile as i learned who this new (been there 8 yrs, me 6 yrs) neighbor was.  Praise God she knows the Lord.  Through our conversations God connected us spirit to spirit.  Our conversation was that of understanding that sometimes the things we love to do  (her case mowing the lawn)  we have to give up.  We have to replace the things we can not do for new things we can.   Father i asked for Your heart to see Your children through Your eyes.  how do You do it.  Jesus showed me His statement, “The harvest is ready the workers are few,(command) pray for more workers”  Father i feel You are calling me to serve You with the elderly.  talk about learning patients.  i feel overwhelmed how can i help everyone.  i am surrounded by elderly.  Father teach me to love my mom.  Father You know better than i how frustrating parent child relationships can be.   It is hard when the younger has best interests at heart but is perceived as controlling.  like You …God knows best but we don’t listen.  we think we know better.   i am not (dare i) comparing myself to God only sharing how He is showing me His heart.  i want to respond as You do God,  out of love not thinking i know best, putting others above myself.  i want peoples time with me to be encouraging and uplifting , not “she is a control freak, angry, frustrated, stressed out”

i sought You all day Father  as i walked through the tulips i couldn’t imagine being around so much beauty and not connecting with You.  but there i was begging for You to give a garden lover like me peace among the beauty.  where did i lose You.  You God are everywhere and yet i felt so far away.  help me to have peace in the storms of life.  That when neighbors, moms and roommates need me i can be there in peace not stress and anxiety.   (at Hershey Gardens today)

i could not have done it without You today but i sure could have leaned on You better.    not sure how i let You go???  i just know i did by my fruit.  i got snippy, and task oriented instead of people oriented.   You Father were amazing with the neighbor lady.  but i was not as gracious with mom as i feel i should of been.  i hear God saying to me” remember the argument you and hubby were in other day?  well you see how I totally turned that into healing?  well I will do the same with your mom.”     THANK YOU ABBA   YOU AMAZE ME!!!!!!

to keep it short as directed i will sign off….not promising i won’t start another once i post this ha ha  Blessings of Gods Love to all that read this.  Please leave comments would love to know what you think??


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