Compassion for roommate

So my wonderful roommate gets home and i call him, and tell him i have to check on neighbor will get there when i can.   i come in all wound tight and unleash the day i had.   he tells me times that by 27 and you have my day.   Thank You Father for my roommate.

see i don’t have compassion  (prayerfully didn’t have) for my roommates job.  i profess with my mouth that God promoted him and that it is a blessing of a ministry.  but i show no compassion for his day.  i think God designed this day for me to realize all john goes through.

(side note from now on to make my job easier hubbies name will be john.)

i saw how in my jealousy for john’s job taking his time and energy i never saw what it takes to keep 27 men happy and working.  talk about promotion or ministry.  john can’t get upset like me on get frustrated.  well he said “he can that humans are emotional.  the trick is feeling all that and responding in love not”.   ( “this guy is a ….  i added this part)   he has to take complaining phone calls all day, schedule 27 men and that is only part of many more takes.  he tells me when he gets those calls he just listens.  that the way to show love is to listen.  i said “pray for me for i have asked God to make me mute i talk to much”.  God transformed me into, now when i talk it is about God not my complaining/opinions…  well i’m not totally transformed yet.

back to john i need to be more sympathetic and listen way harder without trying to solve his problems either.  i have to value his job and realize that he needs his reprieves too.  that  the world does not revolve around me.

(side note the cats are on porch as I sit out here typing I am so proud of them.  all this freedom and they sit near their momma.   remind me to tell you the revelation God gave me with this same experience with my cats a while ago.)

so john is clearly much stronger than me, for i can hardly handle one person in my life he has 27+  people.  that showed me God really promoted him from foreman of 2-8 to supervisor of 27+ he was faithful with little and God gave him more   hum I read that somewhere    ha ha it’s in the Holy Bible.     love my husband he gives all credit to God says he hasn’t arrived yet either, but he has learned only by experience that we must lean on God and listen to others.

Father why did You bless me ?

Just to show you how much more stronger he is than me. I never got dinner on table, and he listened to me and talked with me after his day and before he headed off to class.  Something i opted out of because, i want to process my day.   We never concluded if it matters that i went or not. that call could of gone either way.  but for performance oriented people we think we should do it all.  God break me of that may i only do what You say not what others/i think is best.

going to end this want to share post about sermon mom and i heard on radio   it ties into what john said


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