Listening to Love

this guy knows Fathers heart

Forerunner Perspective

love neverYou learn a significant amount of things by listening.  People speak out of the abundance of their heart and it is revealing.  There are various avenues we could take in pursuing that thought but I would like to zero in on one specific topic.

I was listening to a young man share his heart the other night.  Because I have relationship with this young brother, I have heard him share along the same lines before.  This time, I listened intensely.  He described certain situations and circumstances in his life.  He expressed emotions and the underlying sentiments relating to those emotions.  He spoke of plans and ideas he would like to implement in order to correct the issues in his life.

There was quite a bit of white noise and static in the things he was expressing which hid the truth of what he was actually saying.  But, when he said…

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