i was talking with mom today.  She is upset for her anniversary is tomorrow and dad isn’t here to celebrate.  i told her God gave me revelation about daddy today.   Then began to read what i wrote. “i am not worthy to receive you but only say the word and i shall be healed.  funny how Catholicism is deeply embedded in me.   Thank you Father  because i heard Your Word  (as child) i have come to faith.  Above all else my parents taught me God the best way they knew how.  For that i am eternally Grateful.  the only true job as a parent is to lead you to Jesus.  So forgive me Father for dare complaining, gripping,speaking hatred to my parents and to You about them.  because of my dad’s extreme emotions i learned not hatred as the enemy would like me to focus on and believe.  i learned conviction, passion, and staying true to that which you believe.  oh ABBA Thank You for this Revelation.  Forgive me for all those years of hate in my heart towards him.  Bless him Father may he be counted as righteous for the crown on my head.

wow how Your revealing,.. that even what we call insignificant and “not of God” can be used by You to lead people into truth.

was my dad a good representation of God The Father no– but did God use my dad to show me attributes of God YES  my dad taught me the Cross.  i had to look at it every Sunday at church.  did i see him read the bible
no… but Thank You Father we had one,  and it was there for me to read and by God’s Grace i did read it.

i read this to mom and from the sounds of it spoke to her spirit, Father may it bring healing.  Mom said i didn’t know you felt that way. you should read at his gravesite.

God Thank you that even though i have been sidetracked left and right   ( a ploy of enemy keep us busy, we stop looking at God)  You have not left me and continue to lead me, drawing me back to You.   Be Glorified O’Lord.


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