Jesus Reigns

today reading revelations God pointed out to me that satans pride is against Jesus i guess satan thought he should be the chosen one.  many religions believe in God. but the ones that proclaim Jesus as king are the ones persecuted.  what is it that satan tries to mislead us on is Jesus.  we only get to the Father through Jesus .  my Husband said he agrees with our pastor that Jesus came to this life without His deity.  as He learned of His Father it was reveled to Him His deity.  i feel that is us too. if we would humble ourselves and acknowledge God in all things we too can realize our preisthood and yeild His power from on high that dwells within us, and do greater things then Jesus.  we like getting the credit to much  giving ourselves titles and accolades. Father none of me All of You.

God showed me i need to pray for the readying of my heart for this move.  there is no doubt that it will be all of God for no bank system will think we can. i love it when, no one can deny God did this, i want no credit Lord.  Ready our hearts Father.  i look forward to relying on you.  as i always should.  but through trails i lean in heavier.

i do not want to be of this world and whatever that takes i surrender all to you Lord.  this year is big isn’t it Lord i just sense that this year is a year of transformation.  that doesn’t always look so hot.   like i told mom marriage is like a broken bone.  it is all about the healing but while it is healing it hurts.  God is about our healing and that hurts but notice how the bone is stronger at breakpoint???? Hum God is everywhere …..

Father Thank You for the desire to seek You that has entered my roommate’s heart. Thank You the water fountain isn’t broke.  The crabapple tree next door is one of my favorite smells oh how You Romance me.

Father i am trying to count the costs of this move.  i am trying to seek you and see what it is that You want.  my heart is leaping inside and yet i know i need to keep focus on You not the pretty house with …..i so see You in it though.  we would have to sacrifice freedom, privacy,  we would have to become light, healing, and selfless.  oh Father ready our hearts please.  am i called for such a time as this??? i so see Jesus in this the wanting of your will but doing only the Fathers will.  Well Dad i love you and only ask for Jesus’ heart of obedience and willingness to walk out all i see and hear You do.  to God be all Glory now and forever.


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