Romans 5

if you read or listen to Romans 5 and on, you will clearly see the justice of God.  Jesus was so right that your hometown will not receive you. why do we see and do miracles in other countries?

if we are filled with the Holy Spirit where Do we preach/teach under rules and regulation?  we are so bound.  i could step out and go to the market place or city center. Would they listen there or would i be arrested for proclaiming the gospel of Christ Jesus? God i want to do your work, should i go to the town square OR follow protocol and wait my turn of authority?  Aren’t we given all authority.  So long as with a humble heart to serve You, we have all authority. We don’t want to offend elders (of church) either. so many dynamics.  i am to remain in Him!  As i seek more of Him in all things, things appear clear.
Father i know you are testing me on the house thing. i haven’t a clue if we should move. Funny how the one thing i think i am good at, and use to, i am reluctant to do. It seems to have God written all over it. we would have to totally give up self.  It would be like having a child not that mom is, but that there would be someone else there all the time. my life would change drastically. As would My roommate wow is he willing to do this?  He is right mom gets the other bedroom with bath across hall.  If she needs master in future it is all hers.

Wow Father this  place is beautiful. humble.  It has everything i want.  Lets get back to God.
Father how do you want me to serve you.  i am confused because we are spending so much time together but under what others would call false conditions.  As if You can be defined, how you God show up. God’s word tells us if it leads you to Jesus it is sound doctrine.  Jesus is the only way to the Father. Only by Jesus’s blood do i ever dare come to the Throne of God.  Through false conditions or not Thank you Father for showing up in my life.

Your revelation is too much to contain.  i want to shout it out.  How we are to just rest in You. The Holy Spirit does all the work. i scooped poop with You, went through cancer and death with You.   i certainly did not pull that off on my own.  i sought You Abba.  i pull weeds with you, cook with You, even get to dance with you.  Father you romance me with birds, breezes, oceans. i have fresh bouquets all spring/summer long.
i am starting to see you in my roommate.  Oh Father what healing answered prayer. Father i see the damage i have done with my words/actions. Father strengthen me to bring healing in your name.

On a side note . . . God showed me answered prayer. i always wanted an island in my yard- Roses, Bleeding Hearts, a water fountain, herbs, a Japanese Red Maple tree. Not to mention restoration perfectly timed with parents.That was You wasn’t it Father.Forgive me for taking credit for picking up the phone.  See how gently God shows you your pride?  Not condemning, but revelation that you took credit for something you did not do and that we only need to ask for forgiveness when we do see it?

God is the one that points it out.

Isaiah 55:10-11

Father what am i to do with this blog?  do i dare post these thoughts ?  do i dare seek accolades?  i desire it to only Glorify Jesus and God the Father, written only by Holy Spirit that dwells in me. Do i post pictures of times i enjoy with You. Every time i am with God is enjoyable.

Another thing God is teaching me.  That even the not so good times are enjoyable with God. why? how?  Because God always gives you reprieves one minute or one hour,  but you get them.  In those reprieves you soak in God.  His breeze, music, quiet prayer however you soak in God. read His word…. God will show up, and in that time with Him you gain Joy and Peace and Strength to go at it once again.  There are also seasons to this (suffering).  Sometimes it lasts a month, year, years but there is always and end.  His word says so…so that not even the elect…..God is all about seasons just read His word. That is where some of our hope lies.  God is merciful, it is against His nature to have us suffer too long.  Even His Own Son suffered but for a little while. Father in my suffering may i seek you always.  Jesus may i have your heart of obedience, eyes to see what the Father does, and ears to hear what the Father Says, the perseverance to do only Gods will.


2 thoughts on “Romans 5

  1. Hah! I thought I was the only one who “rambled” at Abba! Your post sounds like most of my prayers.

    Thanks for bringing me here to read this. God is so good to us. Reconciliation is not an impossibility, I know. I’ve seen Him perform many amazing miracles – healing, raising from the dead (literally!), and my own life restored. We’ll see what He has in mind for my dad and me. 😉


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